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sorry friends, hiatus is still in effect. I owe replies and I will get to them, but slowly. Apologies in advance.

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why do boys call other boys “pretty boy” as an insult???? that’s probably the most flattering thing anyone could ever say to me?? call me pretty boy. tell me im the prettiest boy you’ve ever seen

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         Warm enough day to sit outside. But no where good enough to take a look at the bills owed from last month’s medical excursion. She’s almost too focused on brooding and being upset to notice the man.

        “Morning,” she greets him as casually as she could—which is a fairly convincing amount,”nice weather, huh?”



{ gets completely in the way of the tv and makes a lot of faces while maybe screaming a little bit, }

      { a little bit? understatement. have a pillow to your face followed by a few cheetos. }

      Sit the fuck down.



[ okay, so, she probably can’t just ask this stranger in as many words why they’re knocking on her apartment door at ten o’clock at night without seeming rude, but it does feel just a touch awkward.

on the other hand, at least she hasn’t changed out of her dayclothes yet. ]

— Hey. Can I help you?

       { knocking on the wrong apartment door is really embarassing especially when the girl that answers isn’t your sister or any close relative and most definitely not pleased at being disturbed at the hour given. }

      —-Yeeeaaah… No. Wrong door. Uh. I’m lost. Sorry.

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           “Can you please not scream? I’m watching Gordon Ramsay yell, and you’re blocking out the wonderful British clamour that is he.”

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youmaythinkyouknowme asked: "Four hundred years ago you would have caused a speculative bubble in the Netherlands, because you’re prettier than any tulip."

    hey bby tell me what’s your game i’ll give you ten bucks to plant tulips.

Two Lips on mine.

roiours asked: "“wait, were you being sarcastic or…?""


     “I’m always serious. When am I ever, ever sarcastic?”

         Please, never take her seriously.

    “Did you want me to use sarcasm?”

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Hotell (2013), dir. Lisa Langseth